So you had a bad day;

Tried to share your desk-top;

Lync said “no dice!” and you want to know why;

You might have ad-ware……

Now obviously I am no song writer, but I DID come across an odd Lync Desktop share issue:

A Lync 2010 user (pool and client) simply couldn’t connect to Lync desktop shares wither P2P or via a Lync conference. Looking at a UCCAPI log from the client machine showed a couple of…..wait for it…..

“Call failed to establish due to a media connectivity failure when both endpoints are remote” errors in snooper

Your favorite. My favorite. everyone’s favorite.

Here is a larger excerpt: (IP’s changed to protect no one really, but everyone seems to do it :))

“Call failed to establish due to a media connectivity failure when both endpoints are remote”;CallerMediaDebug=”application-sharing:ICEWarn=0x29,LocalSite=,LocalMR=, RemoteSite=,RemoteMR=,PortRange=1025:65000,RemoteMRTCPPort=54853,LocalLocation=1,RemoteLocation=1,FederationType=0″

So, using the most useful Lync ICE Warning Flag Decoder tool to get a better idea of what the issue may be, we see that ICEWarn=0x29 is unexpected and generally points to an ICE issue.

Further troubleshooting the obvious, DNS, NAT, Firewalls didn’t show anything obvious or conclusive. Though that being said I can be a little slow so maybe I am just being obtuse?

At any rate, since I JUST KNOW you are dying to hear what the issue is. I will tell you since, you know, that’s the point of the article but if you sang along with the top of the post you should already have an idea where I am going with this.

Turns out the user in question had a nice set of ADWARE/MALWARE (Scorpion Saver) on the machine that was apparently hijacking of winsock? ports? as to stop Lync desktop sharing. Running a cleanup tool was the fix in my case. Who Knew?

Some more information on the exploit can be found here:

Scorpion Saver

Please comment if you come across this or have any questions.

Oh, and stop trolling the WAR3Z sIT3Z you 7337 person you. Does anyone still say that?