Using the Skype for Business client? Where’s your ‘Join Meeting Audio option?’

One thing I noticed that was a little surprising at first was the location of the ‘Joining conference calls, Join meeting audio from’ dropdown in the Skype for Business client. For those of you that do not know, this dropdown controls your defaults for how you join a conference, and whether you want to choose a device before joining a meeting. To save you the suspense its been moved. Far away. The images below show the different locations:

In the Lync 2013 client, you set this in Options, Phones, and the at the bottom you see ‘Joining conference calls’.


So how about the sexy new Skype for Business client?

Well, lets see…

It’s in Phones just like the Lync Client. Oh wait. While this setting is identical in each client, the location is not. In the Skype for Business client,

It’s now in the ‘Skype Meetings’ tab. Why was it never in the ‘Lync Meetings’ tab previously? No one will ever know now.


Thanks for @rbrynteson for this post:

And now YOU know.

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Skype for Business “Call Quality” and Keeping your Headsets up to date.

Hello. This post is a little out there because it should be pretty obvious that if you don’t keep your endpoint devices up to date issues can arise. We have all gotten the “I was on a Skype for Business (SfB) call and the quality sucked” report from users and when you look at reporting you see the Realtek blah blah chipset was the endpoint and you would then like to punch them in the face. Maybe. One area I see routinely overlooked however is firmware updates on headset devices. I have had many issues in the past ranging from quality issues, to getting odd dial tone sounds over a calls audio that were resolved by a simple firmware update. The remainder of this post is just a simple guide to updating a commonly used  Jabra UC Voice 750a MS headset (PC and MAC). So the moral of this story? Don’t neglect device updates in your SfB deployments.


Updating Jabra Headset Firmware – PC

Use the following procedure to update the firmware of your Jabra USB Headset.

  1. On the Windows 7 desktop click Start, All Programs, Jabra, Jabra PC Suite, Jabra Firmware Updater.


2. The Jabra Firmware Updater program is a Wizard-based interface that will guide you through the firmware update process. Follow the on-screen instructions carefully. Ensure the ‘Check for firmware updates on Jabra Web Server’ is selected as well as the desired device to update and click Next


3. If a firmware update is required, the version will be displayed in the dialog box with ‘Your headset firmware version is not up-to-date’ highlighted in bold.  You can then click the download button to begin the firmware update. However, if your device firmware version is current, you will be presented with ‘Your device firmware is up-to-date. You should not upgrade’. If no update is necessary, click Cancel to quit the application. If an update was needed, when the download is complete, click Next.


4. The Firmware process will begin. Click Next


5. Click OK to start the download to the device. Do not disconnect your device at this point.


6. Downloading Firmware


7. When the download is complete, click finish.  Unplug the headset from the computer and plug it back in before use.


Updating Jabra Headset Firmware – MAC

Use the following procedure to update the firmware of your Jabra USB Headset.

  1. Download the Jabra Suite for Mac for your device by going to

and searching for the model number of your device.


On the device page, click ‘Downloads’ and scroll to ‘Firmware & Software (MAC). Click ‘Download’


2. Once downloaded, mount the Jabra Suite for MAC installer and double-click the Jabra Suite for Mac.pkg


3. At the ‘This package will run a program to determine if the software can be installed’ prompt click Continue. Click Continue again.


4. Click Continue at the Software License Agreement
5. Click Agree to the terms of the SLA. Click Continue.
6. Click Install
7. If prompted, type in your password and click Install Software.
8. The installation will proceed. When complete, click Continue. Then click Close.
9. Once installed the Jabra Firmware will be available in your Applications folder, Launchpad, etc.
10. The Jabra Firmware Updater dialog box will appear. Select the appropriate device and click Continue. If your device is up to date, click Cancel. Do NOT disconnect your device while it is updating
11. The firmware update process will begin. Again if no update was required the device will not go into update mode and you may see the above error. When complete, click Finish to close the Jabra application. Unplug and plug in your device before use.

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