Skype for Business Server, Real Time-Statistics Manager or (StatsMan), or “LyncDash” as it was once known is a great, free  tool to get eyeballs critical Key Health Indicators (KHI’s) for Lync and Skype for Business Server. Now, don’t get me wrong, while its great for a free tool, its scope is somewhat limited (not necessarily a bad thing) and no where near as functional as my favorite Lync\SfB analytics product, UC Commander from @EventZero (shameless plug :))

One could even argue, and I am happy to, about how valuable KHI metrics even are outside of maybe Ring Zero counters. Is it really worth throwing a red box for “sproc latency” going over some line once in a month?  With no context and correlation to other events I don’t know how useful these data points are by themselves and I worry that deploying this might end up to be a “SCOM-lite” in some organizations and make some SfB admins regret showing this to management. But what do I know? 🙂

There have been some great posts on the installation and initial configuration of StatsMan so I won’t go through that and just link to some of the better ones out there.

Great Installation and general info can be found here:

Official Technet documentation.

Guy Bachar’s Blog

Mark Vale’s Blog

Doug Deitterick’s Blog – Technet

Also some cool Powershell cmdlets by some “ bot guy” 🙂

Here are some notes and some resolutions to issues I have seen deploying and running StatsMan.

Working screenshot for fun. It is quite pretty.


Sorry OS X fans, it doesn’t seem to play nice on Safari. It sort of just “blinks” and never actually loads the main screen. Not sure if anyone else has seen this?


Chrome (sigh) – Works but prompts for creds constantly. Again is this just me? This was OS X also. Yes yes whatever I use a MAC.




A key part to configuring the agent after initial install is the Perfagent.exe.config file. Those of you familiar with Exchange 2010-2013 web.config file will find this familiar 🙂


Look for ‘application settings’.

If the service fails to start, starts but terminates, check the Perfagent.exe.config file that the listeneruri value is correct. You can change the listeneruri, thumbprint, port etc here.


Also if the ‘Skype for Business StatsMan Listener’ service runs for a bit and you see a .net error like the one below make sure your server is up to date. This below error was on Windows Server 2012 and the machine was not fully patched before the install. I patched the machine via Windows Update than reran the StatsMan listener agent installer and it was fine after that.



On a fully working deployment I came back to the management page a couple of weeks later and found this:


Um huh? Several blogs note this screen may just be what it says, that no data has been received yet but this was definitely working for many days so that wasn’t it. ’No agents my a##’ I said. It turns out the Skype for Business StatsMan Listener service on a Front End was hung and I had to terminate the process and start it again and poof! all good now.



Hope this was useful and as all ways please post any questions or comments.