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I was recently setting up hybrid Lync Skype for Business for a customer. This is more properly known as “split-domain” configuration because you share a single SIP namespace across both the on-premises and cloud portions of the infrastructure.

If you’re not familiar with the process, it goes like this (although I think Set up AD FS or whatever other identity federation solution you like.

  1. Configure the service to allow federation.
  2. Configure the on-premises Lync/SfB servers to allow federation.
  3. Turn on federation.
  4. Enable your tenant for split-domain operations with Set-CsTenantFederationConfiguration.
  5. Start moving users.

Adam Jacobs’ summary is worth reading if you haven’t seen this before, but even without reading it, it seems straightforward enough, right? I found that when I got to step 6 I got a vexing error: “Cannot find Registrar pool. Verify that ‘’ is a valid registrar pool.”

I was 100% sure that the registrar pool name…

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