Any fans of The Cure?


You have this Lync phone,

It won’t update

you said…

You added a new rule to-the-dial-plan

you said…

You need to get the update to the phone

And you wait for some hours…..

Pretty good match if you ask me, though listening to that over and over to get it to match up made my cry quite a bit I will admit.. At any rate, I had some one ask me the other day, “Is there any way to update a Lync Phone Device without having to log off and log back into the phone? “Automobile”!?

This question been asked previously I have not (yoda). So I did the customary searches on BING of course,  technet, MCM decks, Stonehenge, et al. I put the vibe out on twitter, and I was even forced to look into a BOOK (thanks Alex Lewis @alexlewis). I simply could not find it documented anywhere. So let’s go to the source. I asked Mr. Jeff Shertz (@jdscher) from Polycom if he knew, and he said it could take up to 8 hours to apply the policy to the device – thanks man!! So lets see if we can verify this,

Just as a refresher, the scenario is:

You need to change some aspect of a Lync Dial Plan, lets use a normalization rule for this example. You expect that change to get to the devices and though it may be fine to log off of the device and back in during testing, it would not be acceptable to have all of you users do this as part of a larger rollout. They would likely kill you.

In Lync Control Panel, Click on Voice Routing, Dial Plan and select the appropriate dial plan.


Modify the desired Normalization rule. I just made a junk rule so I could type something easy in on the phone and it would be visually obvious when it updated.

111 should translate to 1111 and lots’o zeroes.


First, lets verify on the Lync Desktop Client. This is the number you would dial if you were to call the International Space Station (it is not). You can see the new rule has made it to the desktop client after logging off and back in.


Ok, now we wait. I have done several iterations of this test, and recorded the time it took to get to the device..

Test 1: Less than 1 Hour (this is sort of an anomaly because this only happened one time this quickly).

Test 2: 7 Hours

Test 3: 1.5 Hours

Test 4 : 7 Hours

Here is proof!!!


And we now see the policy has hit the device (CX600). And yes its a jacked picture, sue me.


So there you have it. Another way you can force an update is to restart the Microsoft Lync Front End Service (RTCSRV) on the Front Ends (Pool, Standard, SBS, SBA) but of course if you do that during a production timeframe you sir, most definitely are fired. The scenario where you are deploying an SBA\SBS in a branch might  be a  valid procedure however.

This post is meant to be a guide and if anyone has better info on this process please share.