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PhoneManager; Microsoft Lync dial plan management made simple

When dealing with more than 15 users or employees, assigning numbers and managing the Lync dialing plan can quickly become a cumbersome and a time consuming task. To help ease this process, StartReady has created PhoneManager, the first and only dialing management tool. Created by and exclusively for StartReady, PhoneManager takes the manual labor out of assigning new and managing existing numbers. With one click, PhoneManager allows administrators to easily track and assign phone numbers. Additionally, it also provides an immediate overview of which numbers or number ranges have already been assigned vs. those that are still available to be issued. Read more

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* UC as a service takes off in Europe, statistics show: http://t.co/QLCSq9pz Lync4all in NL helps building the trend http://t.co/zWzDcmXg
about 7 hours ago

PhoneManager for Microsoft Lync

StartReady has Developed PhoneManager, the first and only automated phone administration and management tool…. read more

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